What you don’t know about female personal trainers

female personal trainer flexingGetting the body you want is on the list of almost anyone in the world. The great thing about getting fit is that it’s easily attainable when you have the help of a personal trainer. When making your decision about hiring a trainer, you might want to consider whether a male or female trainer personal trainer in Sacramento may be better suited for you. We explain why female trainers may actually be more beneficial as a choice.

For Men

If you’re relatively new to the gym scene, then it may be intimidating to be surrounded by men more fit than you. Which may be a good reason for you to choose a female for a trainer. While some of you may initially feel that having a female trainer telling you how to workout can be a little embarrassing, it’s much better than feeling intimidated by the male trainer who screams “drill sergeant” when you look at him. It’s much better to feel comfortable with your trainer. Having a female personal trainer, you’re much more likely to be at ease than intimidated.

Getting to the gym can be very dreading at times. Many find themselves motivated for a short period of time before losing motivation. However, in having a female personal trainer, you get the natural motivation from the fact that we instinctively try to impress women. While this shouldn’t be the only reason you hire a female trainer, It’s definitely one of the perks.

Some men feel much more comfortable with women to the point they can express that their workout load may be too much for them, versus a male trainer where his ego might get in the way and he just suffers throughout the workout. Trainers such as Kristen and Monica are actually some of the best personal trainers in Sacramento.

For Women

Women who just started on their fitness journey and wants to gain more knowledge on what to do at the gym, hearing the advice of another woman can be more relatable than that of a man. Female personal trainers can understand your problems with diet, mental health, and is more likely to develop a more suitable workout program that will work towards your goals. Communication becomes more personal, allowing you, as a client, to be more open and honest with your struggles. When you are more open with your trainer this helps you connect and actually look forward to your workout sessions.

Many women prefer workouts they may prefer not to receive from men (such as glute exercises). Which makes choosing a female trainer much more appealing. Being able to ask their trainer about recommended workouts for a bigger glute becomes much more comfortable when your trainer is the same sex. You wouldn’t want to be asking and then performing certain female exercises in front of a male trainer. Knowing that your male trainer is closely observing you during these exercises can become quite uncomfortable. For more information about female trainers in your area, visit sacfitnesstrainer.

There are several arguments for whether a female or male may be better as a trainer. Females have the naturally nurturing touch and are less intimidating and vice versa. While not everyone may agree with the arguments above, it’s more important to focus on what will give you better results. Both men and women may actually benefit more from a female personal trainer while others may benefit more with male trainers. In the end, you’re investing your money into a trainer that will get you results. Just be meticulously in your research and be confident in your choice.




Women’s fitness is very much talked about issue in the newspapers and magazines. The internet is flooded with topics on women’s fitness as every woman craves for the ideal body. If you are a lady looking to have a perfect body, you must follow this section carefully. Here you will find fat burning exercises, weight loss exercises, cardio workout exercises, high-intensity training exercises.

Kettlebell Training Is The Best Way To Stay Fit

Kettlebell originated in Russia, and since then it is extremely popular. The kettlebell is a conditioning and strength training device which can help you build the best body. Even the best of athletes in the past have used the kettlebell to attain ultimate in fitness. The one using this device can have the best looking body of an athlete. No other fitness tool can improve your athletic performance to such an extent as the kettlebell. You may try out base lift which is also called double arm kettlebell swing. Similarly, the single lift may be used to train the muscles.

Burn Calories With Single Lift Kettlebell Workout

If you are looking to burn calories to an unbelievable extent, you can use single lift swing to train your muscles. You may melt away inches rapidly after a few workouts. You may buy kettlebell for your home as it is beneficial for women’s fitness and does not even occupy huge space. It is simple and yet a unique device if you want to stay fit.

Kettlebell training must be your top priority if you are looking to have a beautiful and well-shaped body.…

What Are The Tips To Women’s Fitness You Should Follow?

Those days when women used to be kitchen bound and homebound are gone. Women now manage home, family, their professional life and personal growth. This is the reason why most women are obese as they get no time for workout and exercise. As they have to balance personal and professional life continuously, it gets challenging to exercise. If you are too obsessed with fitness or concerned about your fitness, you may follow tips to women’s fitness. Women now face a lot of difficulty with regards to health and are in watch for fitness tips that are easy to follow. Lack of physical activity, poor dietary habits lead to weight gain. Along with exercise, you need to follow diet tips.

Be Active All Throughout The Day

Even if you have to sit for the entire day, you should try and workout to stay fit. For instance, when you are talking, you may just walk and talk. Just after the lunch, you must walk for half an hour at least.

Keep Healthy Snacks In The Refrigerator

Even if you have the habit of snacking throughout the day, it does not matter if you eat healthily. To stay away from various diseases, you may opt for healthy snacks.

An Effective Workout Or Exercise Pattern Is Essential    

As per your convenience, you may choose the exercise pattern. Strength training, for instance, must be undertaken twice a week for 20 minutes.

Healthy Breakfast To Start The Day

Working women should make sure to eat a healthy breakfast to stay active all throughout the day. Eating healthy breakfast in the morning can keep you full all throughout the day.